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Much discussion has been happening around responsive web design of late. What exactly is responsive web design? And how can your organization benefit by having your website being 'responsive'? Allow us to explain.

Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices and handheld gadgets, websites these days are accessed through a whole bunch of platforms - each one having it's own operating system, browser, screen resolutions and what not. It is impractical to develop different versions of your website to make sure the website shows up properly in each of these devices.

With responsive web design, your website adjusts itself based on the users device and screen resolution without compromising much on the user experience. This results in a unified, device-neutral look for your website. Apart from this, Responsive sites are also highly recommended by search engines like Google as they avoid duplicate content issues. This would mean improved ranking performance for your websites.

Responsive web design is fast becoming an industry standard and Wazeefa Technology plans to be on the cutting edge of this new practice. If you have an existing website that has to be converted to a responsive design, or create a responsive site from scratch, contact us to discuss further!